Quik Tip: Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45

I have been spending a lot of time lately playing an older game lately. It’s probably not the most well-known game out, and well it was released in 2006.

However, I have been having a blast with it and though some of you might also like it. The game I’m talking about is Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45. I bought it on steam and have since been hooked.

Red Orchestra: Osfront 41-45 is a world war simulation game where you play a soldier on the eastern front. When you start, it’s best to spend some time in training to understand the mechanics of the game. There are some differences compared to modern online shooter games such as Battlefield.

One significant difference is that you have to select a class. There are many different classes such as gunner, squad commander and vehicle specialist. You can’t for example not jump into a tank; you have to play as the right class. Once you understood the basics, the fun starts.

The thing I truly like about this game is the 32 player online matches. Even if it’s an older game, there are still players playing. The simulation is intense, and the sound effects are what makes this game truly shine. Sure, there are some bugs, for example, sometimes the models lag and play the wrong animations. However, the detail to the vehicles and the weapons are really impressive considering the age of this game. The maps are also varying and lets you play in everything from the countryside to bombed cities.

Overall, I highly recommend this game. You can read this Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45 review to get a better understanding of why it’s such a good game. Then you can get it from steam here and start playing. It’s a hidden gem that I think every fan of online shooters should try!

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