PC Games – A Brief Introduction

PC games are Personal Computer games which were a traditional take on today’s video gaming console. As the name itself suggests they were popular games that were played by the user on his personal computer only. The main difference between the erstwhile PC games and the gaming console was that while the gaming console is exclusively meant only for the purpose of gaming, the PC can serve other purposes also.

The evolution of PC Gaming:

1983: there were small handheld video games, the size of our palm that had monochromatic moving images;

1990: PC games and games that were also compatible with the standard television screen and the controls of which were wired with joysticks that could maneuver the characters of the game.

Early 2000: PC games gave way to exclusive gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.

2010: mobile games hold sway and continue to hold a large number of people hooked to them because it is the easiest way to play a quick game.

PC games as opposed to today’s Personal Computer games:

While the earlier PC games always mean and refer to the Personal Computers that were manufactured those days by IBM, today our smartphones which run on an Android or iOS Operating System are also referred to as our personal computers. But of course, there is a world of difference between them.

Which are the PC games to look out for?

Even though a lot of speculation circled around the fact that the era of the PC games is shortly due, fascinating that is not the case to be. PC games could have had gone the way of the Dodo if it had not quickly reinvented itself and made it apt for today’s devices. The medium has pushed the envelope so hard that it is just so difficult to write it off anytime soon.

The best of the best to look out for are:

  1. The Darkest Dungeon (genre: horror)
  2. Stellaris (genre: strategic)
  3. Kentucky Route Zero Act IV (adventure)
  4. Overwatch
  5. Superhot
  6. Stardew Valley
  7. Inside
  8. Firewatch
  9. Civilization VI
  10. That dragon, cancer

The Future of PC gaming:

According to Mr. Carlos who is incidentally also the Media development officer at Newegg, virtual reality is the next best thing that is waiting to happen to video games in a big way. He accurately reiterates that a lot of people believe that when you play a video game you are only shooting but they forget to see or even miss the bigger picture where the virtual reality experience is taking over all of us in a very big way. And of course, it is not about shooting and violence and so parents can stay chilled that their children are definitely not getting badly influenced by all have violence that was associated with the early version of the PC games.

Here is why VR is popular:

Apart from the fact that it is new and very interesting, a lot of experts believe that Pc game’s future lies only in it because gamers over the years have evolved and they are thirsting for the kind of interaction that only VR or Virtual Reality offers.

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