Quik Tip: Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45

I have been spending a lot of time lately playing an older game lately. It’s probably not the most well-known game out, and well it was released in 2006.

However, I have been having a blast with it and though some of you might also like it. The game I’m talking about is Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45. I bought it on steam and have since been hooked.

Red Orchestra: Osfront 41-45 is a world war simulation game where you play a soldier on the eastern front. When you start, it’s best to spend some time in training to understand the mechanics of the game. There are some differences compared to modern online shooter games such as Battlefield.

One significant difference is that you have to select a class. There are many different classes such as gunner, squad commander and vehicle specialist. You can’t for example not jump into a tank; you have to play as the right class. Once you understood the basics, the fun starts.

The thing I truly like about this game is the 32 player online matches. Even if it’s an older game, there are still players playing. The simulation is intense, and the sound effects are what makes this game truly shine. Sure, there are some bugs, for example, sometimes the models lag and play the wrong animations. However, the detail to the vehicles and the weapons are really impressive considering the age of this game. The maps are also varying and lets you play in everything from the countryside to bombed cities.

Overall, I highly recommend this game. You can read this Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45 review to get a better understanding of why it’s such a good game. Then you can get it from steam here and start playing. It’s a hidden gem that I think every fan of online shooters should try!

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How Have Laptops Evolved Over Time

During the time when the desktop computers were themselves very bulky and large, laptops were created to provide for a portable way of working for the users and to facilitate the latter to work in different locations. This was in the year 1981.

That’s where any comparison of the so-called laptop from then to the modern day sleek version ended. Laptops during those days were heavy with tiny displays, no hard disk, and everything running from the RAM or floppy disks. Sleek was not a term to describe them back then.

The first laptop:

Osborne 1 laptop

The very first laptop, Osborne 1, was made by Osborne Computer Company in the year 1981. Not differing much in looks from a closed up sewing machine, Osborne 1 was powered by an electrical connection with an optional battery backup, used two 5 ¼” floppy drives mounted on both the sides of the display and included a modem port. Its display was 5-inches wide and could show up to 52 characters per line. Definitely hard to imagine!

The models to follow:

Mackintosh Portable
A Mackintosh Portable from 1989

In the year 1983, the Gavilan Mobile Computer was introduced by Gavilan. That’s when the clamshell design had originated, in which, the screen would fold over the keyboard on closing. Its weight was 9 pounds and was powered by nickel-cadmium batteries for up to 9 hours.

Next came the TRS-80 Model 100 by Radio Shack in 1983 and the TRS – 80 Model 200 in 1986. This latter model was more compact, had a larger display and better battery power, and included built-in software. TRS-80 (Trash 80) was considered pretty high tech at that time.

The 5155 Portable Personal Computer, IBM’s version of a laptop was released in 1984. It had two 5 ¼” drives on both the sides and 640K RAM. Including up to this point in time, the laptop computers were used for text-based information processing only and graphics was relatively unknown.

With the advent of the SLT/286 laptop in 1988, Compaq, its manufacturer, brought the concept of graphics in. Its weight was hefty at 14 pounds and had a 1.44 floppy drive and 286 processor.

NEC quickly followed with the NEC UltraLite, with a weight of just 4.4 pounds

In 1989, with the release of Mackintosh Portable, Macintosh entered the laptop market. Bulky at around 17 pounds, it had a 9.8-inch matrix screen. It could operate for close to 10 hours on a lead-acid battery and that was the best part of the machine.

Come the 1990s, the laptops sprung more ports and connectors, the entire time trying to woo the consumers with their sleek designs, better storage capacities, improved displays and lesser weight. They are no longer used just for computing, but for every purpose, we can think of!

Today laptops are even used for gaming, something that desktops has always been better at. There are some arguments over what is best for gaming a gaming desktop vs laptop, but most people agree that laptops are more than capable of running the latest video games.

The laptop has come a long way from a bulky, mean machine of the past to the faster, sleeker and extremely attractive self of today. The designs and the features only get better with time and one can only wonder as to what else is left to conceive!

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Do You Really Need a Gaming Headset?

The buzz around games is increasing day by day. Gamers are more choosy about their gaming needs, they need to have all that a game needs, and the best of quality. With many companies introducing all new things, and new brands coming up, there is a rise in the sales of gaming gears. People passionate about gaming always keep upgrading their gaming gears. Gaming gears like Headsets, keyboards, mouse are increasingly on the rise for sales.

Are these Gaming gears really needed?

Well, this is the question that most guardians of children who demand high-end gaming gears have and the spouses of game freaks! Does one need so many extra gadgets for a game? Yea, it depends on the person gaming levels. A complete game lover will surely need all of them to get a complete gaming experience without being lagged by an old mouse or with a headset that gives him every bit of quality sound. If a person prefers playing as a time-pass, surely they wouldn’t invest too much in all these accessories. An amateur will just try exploring them using one of their friends or pals.

What are the best gaming gears one can have?

According to a survey, the best gaming gear, that one can own are:

Logitech Flight system – this one flight system is classy in both look wise and its functions. It truly gives you that aircraft experience. With these controllers, you will feel the wind turbulence, speed, and other flight experiences. Who doesn’t want to ride a plane, without holding a degree? Really, all of us, at least just once, may want to try riding a plane, and experience the cockpit feel!

Logitech G930 Gaming Headset – while you are playing a multiplayer game, which has voice interactions, you can bet on this for quality and noise-free audio delivered. With this headset, you can rule out the surrounding noises, and can peacefully concentrate on the game. You can chat with your co-players, though located seas across in online games and play as if you all are seated at one table.

Logitech Gaming Mouse – if you are playing a game where speed matters, then opting for the mouse is the best option, which too wired. In that line, Logitech delivers the best. It has 9 programmable buttons that can be set according to your preferences during gameplay, and it supports 3 user profiles to be stored so that when you are plugging the mouse in a different PC, you need not waste time in setting up profiles for those games all again. Never go by the looks, this mouse may look dull, but is very effective.

So, does one need Headset too, for gaming?

Headsets are always a PC best buddy when you are using Skype and other conversational functions used. Headsets come with a microphone attached which allows you to have to voice chat with the other person connected. But, today’s gaming has gone beyond our imaginations and expectations. You can play with a user who has located thousands of miles away from you and even interact with them and that needs a headset. But the gaming headsets are not simple as the regular ones; the high-end ones come with a lot of features that support mainly the gaming needs.

Gaming headsets are needed when you are playing a game that really needs voice conversations; otherwise, genuinely these headsets are not a necessity. Since there are many headsets available in the market, you must look into the features that you want and buy only the best gaming headset for the price, otherwise, you may land up shelling heavy prices for not so worthy products. So, be wise and smart in buying an accessory for your gaming need.

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PC Games – A Brief Introduction

PC games are Personal Computer games which were a traditional take on today’s video gaming console. As the name itself suggests they were popular games that were played by the user on his personal computer only. The main difference between the erstwhile PC games and the gaming console was that while the gaming console is exclusively meant only for the purpose of gaming, the PC can serve other purposes also.

The evolution of PC Gaming:

1983: there were small handheld video games, the size of our palm that had monochromatic moving images;

1990: PC games and games that were also compatible with the standard television screen and the controls of which were wired with joysticks that could maneuver the characters of the game.

Early 2000: PC games gave way to exclusive gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.

2010: mobile games hold sway and continue to hold a large number of people hooked to them because it is the easiest way to play a quick game.

PC games as opposed to today’s Personal Computer games:

While the earlier PC games always mean and refer to the Personal Computers that were manufactured those days by IBM, today our smartphones which run on an Android or iOS Operating System are also referred to as our personal computers. But of course, there is a world of difference between them.

Which are the PC games to look out for?

Even though a lot of speculation circled around the fact that the era of the PC games is shortly due, fascinating that is not the case to be. PC games could have had gone the way of the Dodo if it had not quickly reinvented itself and made it apt for today’s devices. The medium has pushed the envelope so hard that it is just so difficult to write it off anytime soon.

The best of the best to look out for are:

  1. The Darkest Dungeon (genre: horror)
  2. Stellaris (genre: strategic)
  3. Kentucky Route Zero Act IV (adventure)
  4. Overwatch
  5. Superhot
  6. Stardew Valley
  7. Inside
  8. Firewatch
  9. Civilization VI
  10. That dragon, cancer

The Future of PC gaming:

According to Mr. Carlos who is incidentally also the Media development officer at Newegg, virtual reality is the next best thing that is waiting to happen to video games in a big way. He accurately reiterates that a lot of people believe that when you play a video game you are only shooting but they forget to see or even miss the bigger picture where the virtual reality experience is taking over all of us in a very big way. And of course, it is not about shooting and violence and so parents can stay chilled that their children are definitely not getting badly influenced by all have violence that was associated with the early version of the PC games.

Here is why VR is popular:

Apart from the fact that it is new and very interesting, a lot of experts believe that Pc game’s future lies only in it because gamers over the years have evolved and they are thirsting for the kind of interaction that only VR or Virtual Reality offers.

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